Tales From The Cacao Tree

Sensations wrapped in colorful foil.

Sweet Lies
Bitter Truths

What would you do
For the love of chocolate?

22 photos, 12 stories, 10 poems


Daring by Ben Ditmars
Chocolate and Strawberry by Richard Weatherly

Stories by Julie Elizabeth Powell

  • It’ll Be the Death of You
  • Another Window
  • Pleasing the Heavens

Sweet Night by Helle Gade
Between Martinis by Ben Ditmars

Stories by Maria Savva

  • The Memory Remains
  • The Chocolate Fiend
  • The Great Painter

Chocolate Nicotine by Ben Ditmars
Bitter Love by Helle Gade

Stories by Darcia Helle

  • Strangers at the Table
  • Death By Chocolate
  • Truth and Lies

Ribbon Vines by Ben Ditmars
The Child and A Chocolate Bar by Richard Weatherly

Stories by J. Michael Radcliffe

  • A Taste of Love
  • Bittersweet
  • Choices

Vanilla Extract by Ben Ditmars
Drug of Choice by Ben Ditmars


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