Do you trust what you see?

Right becomes left.
Up becomes down.
Distorted, unreal.

Your world looks new when you see its…



Photographs by Ben Ditmars

Stories by Jason McIntyre
– Answer the Question
– Rite of Spring
– Prince of Pills

Insanity by Helle Gade

Stories by Maria Savva
– Shadows
– Escape
– The Great Flood

Tinsel Town by Ben Ditmars

Stories by J. Michael Radcliffe
– A Tale of Two Churches
– Seeds of Despair
– Eyes of the Dragon

Immortal Love by Helle Gade

Stories by Darcia Helle
– Free Fall
– Negative Image
– Trunk Full of Lies

Mine by Helle Gade

The Squirrel by Martin David Porter

Footsteps in the Distance by Ben Ditmars


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